About Grayson

You know the friend, the one that has crazy ideas and always seems to be saying:

What if we…

If only…

Have you ever…


Grayson, that’s me.

And I like to gather nuts.

What does that mean? It means I revel in rethinking the way things have always been done, letting my imagination run wild, and then gathering up seeds of surprising ideas and designing new ways for how we humans gather and connect.

Once I have my brain wrapped around a creative idea, I simply LOVE to make things happen in surprising ways.

I don’t let what I am “supposed” to do get in my way.

I don’t let tradition, convention, etiquette, rules box me in.

I question all things with an open-heart and open-mind.

I believe in generosity, kindness, sharing, honesty, listening.

Radical notions.

Does it get me in trouble sometimes? YES! (Some folks REALLY don’t like you to shake things up)

BUT I can’t help it. I show up everyday with my whole self asking why, why, why and, like a squirrel running wild, I am on a mission: share, learn, grow, connect, AND HAVE FUN!

Want to join in on the adventure? Say YES!

Jump on my Nut Bus!

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